We can all be inspired by someone we meet, or by events that cause us to reflect on our lives.



For example, I will never forget the first time I heard Martin Luther King deliver that amazing ‘I have a Dream’ speech.  I was 11 years old at the time, and the impact of that quite inspirational address came to be quite profound. It showed me the strength of the spoken word and I never forgot those four little words – “I have a dream”.  Like Martin Luther King, I, too, had a dream, a vision that would be a driving force in my life.

When I was eight years old my dream was, a simple and personal one, certainly nothing like Martin Luther King’s magnificent call for an end to racism in America. Mine, by contrast, was a very simple dream, but it was very important to me at the time. My dream was that I receive a cow for Christmas rather than a doll. I had written a lovely letter to Santa telling him how good I had been, and I promised that I would do anything that my mother asked if only I could get a cow for Christmas, I could call ‘Nautical’.


When I woke up Christmas morning I looked towards the window and saw a large note written on brown paper, it read, ‘Look out the window’. I was overcome with happiness. I screamed to my brother, who was asleep in the other bed, “get up and tell me what my cow looks like”.  I imaged it was tied up to the clothes line with a big ribbon around its neck. When my brother pulled back the curtain, he said, “There’s no cow, but there’s a canoe!”  It was a Christmas present for my brother!  My heart felt broken.  That Christmas will be forever etched in my mind - it changed my life.


So upon hearing that speech of Martin Luther King Jr. those few years later I was so inspired to make my dream come true one day, to buy a small farm and to have a cow that I would call “Nautical”. His vision inspired me to work hard, save my money and fulfil my dream. Today I have my farm, in a truly unique part of paradise, over-looking the glorious peaceful Huntsman Lake, thought provoking valleys and surrounded by magnificent mountains called, The Great Western Tiers that are sometimes white with winter snow.  It is a rural idyll.

We all go through many tests on our journeys in life, developing emotional awareness, making responsible choices and hopefully illustrated changes in our quest to a wholehearted life, authentic power, wisdom and love. I have met many people during my journey who have inspired me to encounter many experiences. Some were rewarding, some were very inspiring and some were heart wrenching.


If you can Dream it, you can Achieve it.


So here we are on this little piece of paradise that waits for you, a place where you can find the peace and harmony that you seek and, of course, to meet the source of my inspiration – a cow named ‘Nautical’.

Jan Crosswell